Played by Nate Corddry
Family Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Claudia (Wife)
Unnamed Father-in-Law
Unnamed Mother-in-Law
Seasons S1 - S2

Gabriel is a Recurring Character on Mom.


Gabriel works at the Restaurant, is Christy's boss and Husband of Claudia, whom he cheats on with Christy. His Mother and Father are unknown.

Appearances (Seasons)

Season 1


We first meet Gabriel when he tries to tell Christy that he's getting complaints about a waitress (Christy) having a nervous breakdown. Christy tries to name other waitresses avoiding herself. Gabriel eventually says it's her and tries telling her to go home, which leads him into having to talk about what she wanted to do and what she can do.

He arrives at Christy's house, he says hello and she kisses him, we then find out that they must be together in some way. Christy and Gabriel talk and eventually Christy states "Sleeping with your boss, who does that?". Roscoe gets out of bed and Christy is quick to push him out into the bushes and close the door, tending to Roscoe. She opens up the door again to check on him and closes the door again.

We see Gabriel overhear Chef Rudy calming Paul down about his damaged finger. Chef Rudy then tells Gabriel it doesn't concern him whilst shutting the door. Christy walks in and surprises Gabriel. As Christy tries to talk to Gabriel, a woman walks in calling Gabriel, to which he then introduces both the girls calling the woman his Wife, Christy then calls her by her name without being told it, which allows the viewers to know that Gabriel is cheating on Claudia with Christy and Christy knows it but Claudia doesn't. After everything seems over, Christy sits down on a chair.

Appearances (Table)


 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10111213141516171819202122Total
Season 1 16
Season 2 6

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