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Baxter (Father)
Christy Plunkett (Mother)
Violet Plunkett (Maternal Half-Sister)
Bonnie Plunkett (Maternal Grandmother)
Alvin Lester Biletnikoff (Maternal Grandfather)
Gweneth Taylor (Biological Niece)
Jackie Biletnikoff (Maternal Half-Uncle)
Douglas Biletnikoff (Maternal Half-Uncle)
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Roscoe Plunkett is the Son of Christy and Baxter, Half-Brother of Violet, Grandson of Bonnie, Great-Grandson of Shirley and the Half-Uncle of Gweneth Taylor. Roscoe is portrayed by Blake Garret Rosenthal.


Early LifeEdit

Roscoe being a young boy when Christy was a bad mother, may not fully understand how or why his Mom was not a good parent to him and Violet. He meets Alvin, his grandfather, when he is 9 and doesn't fully understand that Alvin ran out on his Mom and Grandmother when Christy was a baby.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Christy Edit

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Relationship: Mother
Relationship Description goes here.

Bonnie Edit

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Relationship: Grandmother
Relationship Description goes here.

Violet Edit

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Relationship: Half-Sister
Relationship Description goes here.

Baxter Edit

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Relationship: Father
Relationship Description goes here.

Alvin Edit

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Relationship: Maternal Grandfather
Relationship Description goes here.

Gweneth Taylor Edit

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Relationship: Biological Niece (Through Violet and Luke)
Relationship Description goes here.

Shirley Edit

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Relationship: Maternal Great-Grandmother
Relationship Description goes here.

Jackie Edit

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Relationship: Maternal Half-Uncle
Relationship Description goes here.

Douglas Edit

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Relationship: Maternal Half-Uncle
Relationship Description goes here.

Friendships Edit

Baxter Edit

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Relationship: Father
Relationship Description goes here.

Candace Edit

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Relationship: Friend/Father's Fiancee
Relationship Description goes here.

Appearances Edit


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Season 1 20
Season 2 17
Season 3 9
Season 4 ?

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