Tush Push and Some Radishes
Season 4, Episode 18
Total Episode Count: 84
Tush Push and Some Radishes
Air date April 6, 2017
Written by Story by :
Marco Pennette
Susan McMartin
Teleplay by :
Eddie Gorodetsky
Nick Bakay
Directed by James Widdoes
Prod. Code T12.15368
Length 21 Minutes
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"Black Mold and an Old Hot Dog"
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"Tantric Sex and the Sprouted Flute"

Tush Push and Some Radishes is the eighteenth episode of Season 4 of Mom.

Synopsis Edit

After Bonnie's mother, Shirley Stabler, dies Christy and Bonnie find over $6,000 in her freezer, cleaning out her apartment and run into Bonnie's unknown half brother, which they later found out was left for him. Jill talks Bonnie into getting over her anger for her mother, Bonnie writes a letter to read to Shirley's grave.

Title Meaning Edit

(Tush Push) "You are gonna lose that fella to a gal who knows how to tush push you right out of a two wall formation change."
Jill telling Christy she'll lose a date to someone who knows how to line-dance.

(Some Radishes) "Yeah, probably a six-pack of Ensure and some radishes."
Bonnie on what could be in her Mother's fridge.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Cast/Characters Edit

(*Characters/Cast crossed out are absent in this episode.*)

Guest Cast/Characters Edit

  •  ? as Ray Stabler

Trivia Edit

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