Hi, I'm LegenDove.

I was an administrator over at the HIMYD Wiki, and I spent a lot of my time editing on it. It was a blast, and I was really proud of the work the community and I put into it.

But, the show never aired. It was sad. Ultimately, I left Wikia for a while. We all did, I guess.

So, what have I been doing lately?

Well, I wrote a performance for me and my friends to act in for school. You see, it was really sad, and it made some people cry. Seeing this as a good thing, I decided to turn it into a movie.

So, I wrote another script, only this time, it was 6500+ words long. I extended the cast from 3 to 10 people, and I have been invested in creating it for weeks now, which is why I have not been on Wikia. Well, I did a little work over at Mirror's Edge Wiki, but it wasn't fufilling enough. It only had one community member, and there was no leaderboard, or even notifications. So, I've only done a little work over there.

But then, a friend of mine, and the bureau of this Wiki, invited me over here. He told me he wanted to get the HIMYD community back together. I think that starts today.

I want to come back to Wikia. I will be quite busy for the next 3-4 weeks, due to making the movie, but I'll work out some time for Wikia, and specifically Mom Wiki. Speaking of Mom, there are only 2 things I know about it:

1) It's going to be hard to remember to spell it the American way. Here in Australia, we say 'Mum', and 'Mom' has a different sound to it.

2) It's a CBS show that revolves around the blonde lady I can see to the right of my screen whom of which is staring into my soul. Ok, the first thing I am doing is creating a new background.

Also, as you can tell, I have not watched the show. I hardly know what it is about at this point. I'll watch an episode or two in a couple days, because I am going to be away for a couple days. Expect some real WIki progress this weekend! I'll redesign the main page and just format it and stuff like I did at the HIMYM Wiki. I'll get a feel of the Wiki and see what I can work with. 110 pages is more than I was expecting, so I can be budy for a while on this Wiki.

Anyway, enough mindless rambling. Long story short, I'm a really community driven editor that would love to see this Wiki grow. I'm sort of tired and stuff right now, so I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm. I hope this will be a great journey that will last for years to come.


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