Wendy Harris
Played by Beth Hall
Seasons S2 S3
Wendy is a Recurring Character on Mom.


Wendy, nicknamed "Weeping Wendy" by Bonnie at the A.A. Meetings, is known for being quite emotional most of the time, we see this frequently at A.A. Meetings. Wendy is a recurring character that doesn't always join the other girls for trips or talks. She most usually appears with the girls after Meetings at the cafe they sit at and talk about other things they don't talk about at the Meetings.

She is known to possibly have a bisexual side, after Bonnie asks the girls (excluding Christy) who would date her if she went gay. Wendy is the only one who really deeply thinks about it and compliments her legs, much to Christys' confusion (hearing that her friend may like her Mom).

Wendy is known to not understand the flow of the group. Sometimes she is honest when the girls don't want her to be, this is shown in Season 3's "Death, Death, Death and a Bucket of Chicken", when Bonnie walks in asking "Sorry I'm late. What did I miss?" and Jill, Marjorie and Christy all brush what they've been talking about (Bonnie's mole) but Wendy says "Lookin' at your mole", Jill questions her "Did you not see what we were doing here?"


Season 2

In Season 2, Wendy is...

Season 3

In Season 3, Wendy is...

Appearances (Table)


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Season 2 6
Season 3 1
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